Curating and managing temporary exhibitions and art events.

Knowledge-building and navigation of the Egyptian art scene and market.

Developing arts and cultural partnerships.

Organizing art events and exhibitions in Egypt and the Middle East.

Coordinating with art appreciators, collectors, art institutions, critics and experts locally, regionally and internationally to foster art enrichment and expression.

Facilitating art discussions and lectures both locally and regionally.

Advising on documenting and cataloguing collections.

Consulting on strategic collection planning.

Researching on particular art works.

Valuing and selling artworks.

Collaborating with professionals to authenticate and restore artworks. 

Promoting artists, galleries and museums.

Creating portfolios for artists.

Organizing art tours to familiarize art appreciators with the Egyptian art scene.    

Our wide expertise has allowed us to put our considerable contacts in the local Egyptian art scene, as well as in the regional and international arenas to our clients' disposal.

We keep close contact with local, regional and international artists and choice galleries.

We act as private, discreet brokers for our clients, therefore allowing them to maintain their anonymity.

Our strong knowledge of the Egyptian art scene enables us to select artists, collections and unique art works.


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